Electromagnetic Field Meters -- detects fluctuations in the EMF.  
There are a lot of different things can affect this equipment, but it is
theorized that entities manifest themselves via the EMF.
Infrared Digital Thermometer-- used to detect thermal variations
which some believe can indicate the presence of a ghost.
Digital Voice recorders-- Records EVP sessions.  EVP--electronic
voice phenomenon can be a good indication of the presence of ghosts
or spirits.
Wireless Audio Microphones.   Used to monitor locations and
records audio to the laptop for EVP analysis
Motion Detectors -- Allows us to secure a site, and potentially tracks
the movement of entities.
4 channel DVR system w/monitor-- Records and displays video from
our Infrared Video Cameras
Infrared Video Cameras -- It helps us see in the dark and also detects
things that our eyes can't see.
Computers --   We use them for logging, analyzing, and storing data
from investigations.
DVD Camcorder-- used to record areas of concern.  It allows us to
record hours of data to go over later.
Digital and 35 MM Cameras -- Provides photographic evidence.  Also
documents the investigation site.  Note:  This group does not believe
that orbs are evidence of a haunting.
Wireless Weather Station-- Tracks the indoor temperature and
humidity changes.
Green Laser Light Grid-- It is believed that you can see entities move
through the grid.
Audacity -- We use Audacity software to analyze all our audio from our
investigations.  Click on the headphones to get your own Free