Not evidence so much as what is not
considered paranormal, such as dust particles
that look like "orbs"
He was just making a video of his kid like most of
us do... when he hears a voice that isn't his son's.  
He replays the video and realizes it can't be his son for yourself...
Once again, not paranormal.  The reflection and bleeding over of
light makes it appear that there is a ghost on the staircase.

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long (just under three minutes), but contains several EVP's the stairs
that wasn't there....).  There is also an odd noise toward the
beginning of the recording which we haven't been able to identify.  It
almost sounds like a monkey or This audio piece was taken during
an investigation.  It is other wild animal's mating call or something.  
If you have heard this kind of noise during one of your investigations
PLEASE contact us and share!!!
This is another shot of "We 3 Kings" but with an orb between
me and Brad.  Once again, I'm not a fan of orbs but take a look
at the next picture....
Different angle taken at the same time, and Brad's face gets
distorted... Is Brad's house haunted?
It has come to our attention that there is actually a voice at the very
end of the clip.  Cyndi asked the ghostly occupant for a name and it
responds "Roy."   We never heard it the first time through, but it is
there plain as day.
The Marshall Building -- is that a shadow figure at the top of
the stairs?  It's harder to see on the thumbnail, click on the
picture to see the full size image.
Taken  at a location in southern Wisconsin.  The face of
"Maggie" appears just left of center.  Maggie is believed to have
died in the building and haunts it.
Not calling this evidence, yet... need
comments on it.  What is that reflected in
the window?
This clip was taken during an investigation in Chippewa Falls.  
Kind of creepy...
Either the entity is a Beatles Fan or it Hates Seth (go figure!)...
This one proves that spirits don't like Seth.....
Up to this point, this is the saddest, most disturbing EVP I have
ever heard.  It was taken in Augusta.
investigation didn't find a logical expanation for the activity
Taken during one of our investigations, location cannot be
Ghost in the door...
A face in the flash on the mirror.  Faces of the innocent have
been removed to protect their identity.