What do you do?

We investigate paranormal incidences.  Ghosts, UFO's, Big Foot, etc...  We want to help you come to terms with
whatever you saw, heard, felt or smelt.  We can help you.  We keep your information confidential.  You COULD ask our
clients but we can't tell you who they are.  

Have you investigated the Sheeley House?
Yes-- and while we did not have any personal experiences at that time, we did have a couple of odd EVP's.  We HAVE
had personal experiences while eating there (Good food, BTW), attend the Haunted Chippewa History Tour for more

How much do you charge for an investigation?
Nada.  Nothing.  Zip. Zero.  We are not beyond donations, though.  But we will never ask for one.  We do, sometimes, in
extreme cases, ask for travel expenses if the case is cross state or even out of state.  But even then we keep expenses to
a bare minimum.

How can you charge nothing?

We enjoy the hunt for all things paranormal.  It would be like us charging you to come into your house to paintball, without
the mess of course...  Plus, investigating the Paranormal is an inexact "science." We do not feel it is fair to charge for
something that is not a 100% sure thing.

What places have you investigated?
For a list of our recent investigations click here.

What's the scariest thing you've seen?
Well, we've never seen a ghost during an investigation.  We want to, but no dice so far.  However, Mother (see the photo
album) is the scariest thing we've seen during an actual investigation.  We've heard things before, especially out in

Where are your Proton Accelerators?  
We don't have any.  Nor do we use a PKE meter.  We DO use various pieces of scientific equipment to aid us during our
investigations.  Check out the
Equipment page for more info.

I think my house is haunted, what can I do?