November 19, 2010-- "Dead In The Water" CVPI's second episode on
Animal Planet's "The Haunted" premieres!                                    
May 31, 2010-- The Guys guest star on Spooky Nights Radio to discuss
their books, investigation techniques, conspiracy theories and more!!!
April 7, 2010-- Chris and Clarence talk about not only their two current
books, but two more forthcoming books! We will also discuss their
paranormal techniques and beliefs, as well as their appearance on the
Animal Planet's series The Haunted!
February 8, 2010-- Chris Goes on PIRadio to talk about a number of
Paranormal topics including paranormal and the media.... click on icon to
listen to archive
February 3, 2010-- Clarence returns to Psi-Fi Radio for another in-depth
discussion on UFO's and conspiracy theories..
January 19, 2010-- Chris and PC discuss the case shown on Animal
Planet's "The Haunted." Click on pic for archive!!!
January 6, 2010-- Clarence is a panel guest on Psi-Fi Para-Radio
discussing UFO's!
October 30, 2009-- Chris and a cast from Unexplained Research
investigates Eisold's Irvine Bar
October 29, 2009-- Chris and Clarence talk about various haunted sites
around the Chippewa Valley
October 22, 2009-- Chris and Clarence talk about their new book "Haunted
Chippewa Falls."
October 1, 2009-- Dana writes an article for the UW-EC newspaper about
the infamous Stones Throw in Eau Claire, WI.
October 20, 2008-- DeVille in the Morning.  Skeptic and DJ Extraordinaire
Dave discusses the existence of ghosts with Lead Investigator Chris.  We
also talk about upcoming Halloween Events.
October 20, 2008-- Chris discusses Dinner With A Ghost:Halloween Edition
with the ever-striking Cassy Clark on the Daybreak Show.
October 30, 2008-- Irvine Bar-- the newly discovered Haunted location in
Chippewa Falls.  This article highlights the bar and other haunting events
for Halloween.
October 9, 2008-- Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators take center
stage in the Hauntings Section of Volume One.  They follow us around as
we investigate Eisold's Irvine Bar in Chippewa Falls
June 5, 2008-- Chippewa Valley Paranormal Investigators are featured in
Volume One magazine as we prepare for Dinner With A Ghost.   Get a
belly and an ear full at this Culinary event!
October 29, 2007-- The Haunted Chippewa History Tour goes to College!  
Well, kind of, the Tour is in the UW-EC Newspaper  
Click here
October 25, 2007-- With Halloween just around the corner, Chris visits with
Andrew at WEAU to talk about the Haunted Chippewa History Tour.
July 2, 2007-- Haunted Chippewa History Tour gets an expose from the
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram.  Its a well written piece that covers not only
the tour, but also the mission statement of CVPI.
May 28, 2007-- Chris goes on the hot seat on Magick Mind Paranormal
Research Radio.  We discuss research procedures, evidence collecting,
and house buying!  Hosted by Dr. Ed Craft & Alan Rupnick (of I AM
Click on icon to the left to get to the archives to listen.
Feb 18, 2007-- The always outrageous Ghostman and Demon Hunter host
Chris as we discuss demons,  EVP's, and proper eating procedures! Click
on the icon to go to the shows archives and listen!
June 6, 2006-- The gang goes to a house outside Mondovi on 6/6/06 to
investigate, and the Chippewa Herald features CVPI on the front page with
the story linked here.