Location: Eisold's Irvine Bar
Date: August 31st-Sept 1st 2008
Weather: 80 F, Clear, Calm

Investigators: Chris, Shelly, Clarence, Seth & Tiffany


Michell and Michael Eisold bought the Irvine Bar 4 months
ago.  They shut the bar down for three days to renovate
this quaint little tavern.   As the remodeling started, so did
the paranormal activity.  Bar stools coming down off the
bar, apparitions seen staring at the patrons, opening doors,
and various electonic devices acting up were just some of
the symptoms.
Unsure of what to do, they just lived with it, until we
offered to investigate.  The team had a variety of personal
experiences that night, and found a multitude of EVP
activity.   A history check also revealed that a former owner
had been murdered at the location.

The Bar is now called the Irvine Ghost Pub and has a new
owner who fully embraces the spirits that inhabit the bar
(no pun intended...)