Weather Conditions: Lightly Cloudy, 45 degrees w/light wind
Description of Events:  A ball of light resembling (in appearance) the North Star approached from the southwest travelling
northeast.  Subject thought it was a satellite at first.   As it got overhead, it stopped and split into multiple lights.  The outer lights
2 to 3 times, merged back into one and raced away in the northeast direction.  Object made no sound.  It was white to yellowish

Source:  Reported to CVPI by an anonymous person

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin   November 2007

My husband and I both were outside with our dogs after we got home from work around 5:20 PM central time and two groups
(about a dozen total) of those small silver not quite spheres went passed us just over a neighbors house. There were five or six
in the first group and seconds later another six or seven came by. They were very low, no sound and not moving real fast but
certainly in a straight line and all together, not one of them wavering. I first thought it might have been birds reflecting sunlight
but no wings. I am 100% sure of that. Balloons, no strings and mylar, they would have to have been laying sideways and moving
too fast for a balloon and not traveling upward. They were not very big or very high in the sky, less than 100 feet up and seem to
be following the river bank. My husband and I both do not know what it was that we saw.
I am not sure they are alien but it was quite an interesting sight and we cannot identify what they are.

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin A UFO Sighting In 1929

Date: 1920
Time: Afternoon

Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Light - round.

HBCC UFO Research: I have removed the names of the people who witnessed the sighting to protect their identity.

Full Description of event/sighting: My grandfather who is 92 and still alive (Mar 2007) in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, told me
recently about his childhood UFO sighting.

Funny thing is, as a child I spent an enormous amount of time with his mother, my great-grandmother. (originally from Canada),
and she also told me the same story when I was a little girl. I did not understand as a little child that my grandfather had been the
son who was with her at the time of the sighting.

One day Gramma and her son, who was a young boy of perhaps 6-10 years, were walking in a neighborhood known as Garden
Acres, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. It was still daylight, afternoon, when they saw a light in the sky. Airplanes did not fly
overhead back in those days, so it was very unusual to see moving lights in the sky.

The light moved along horizontally as they watched it, then it suddenly shot upward and quickly disappeared from view.

Great-grandma told her son to never tell anyone what they had seen because people would think they were crazy in the head.

That's the whole story. In all of my 46 years, I have never known my grandfather to lie or exaggerate, nor to tell stories or believe
in fantastical things. My great-grandmother, too, was a trustworthy witness not given to fantasy or exaggeration.

Thank you to the family member for relating this very interesting sighting.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
HBCC UFO Research International:

HBCC UFO Research, Box 1091 Houston, British Columbia, Canada - VOJ 1ZO

Date: February 1980
Location: Rice Lake, Bloomer, Chippewa Falls and Withee
County: Clark

Source: The Owen Enterprise, February 21, 1980

Several weeks ago, a newspaper which The Owen Enterprise office receives in the exchanges reported that several people in
the Rice Lake, Bloomer and Chippewa Falls area had sighted a cigar-shaped UFO. The object was sighted several times and
even by a police officer.

Now, five people have reported seeing what we can call a UFO in the Withee area. One eyewitness who lives west of Withee
near Riverside Cemetery, reported seeing a bright pinkish disk like object, that she thought was going to come right into her front
room window. Then when she wasn't looking, it disappeared. Others saw the same object, a UFO.

A UFO is not the description of a space ship or such, but means that whatever it is it can't be identified. UFO means unidentified
flying object, and that could be anything. Let us hear from you if you see any UFO's.


This is the first UFO sighting in Stanley, Wisconsin since
October 1995.  For a month, residents reported seeing F-16s
flying combat air patrols over the town.  On one occasion, an F-16
circled downtown Stanley three times, as if searching for something. The
October 1995 flap began when the police department in nearby Chippewa
Falls, 26 miles east of Stanley, received numerous reports of "a star"
that literally "dropped into the atmosphere and zigzagged to below
treetop levels

National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1996 23:02
Posted : 1/28/1999
Location : Eau Claire, WI
Summary : 2 boys see rectangle shaped object w/4 orange/yelow lights fly silently over
head. no blinking beacon lights, no sound, only a few hundred feet overhead.
Lights: 1 front, 1 on each side, 1 in back.
My neighbor and I were standing half way down my driveway when we saw this object
fly overhead due west. The sky was clear with no clouds. It didn't have any blinking
beacon lights, and we could not make out shape. The 4 lights were orange/yellow color,
somewhat bright, and and they were positioned in the shape of a diamond around the
object. It was very low, compared to most aircraft that fly, at night, and made no sound.
We viewed it for about a 7 or 8 second duration, in which time it just flew over our heads
and over the trees out of our view. I do not know what the object was,because I figured
that if it was airplane flying at night, it would have beacons, which the object i saw did
not. And it went very slow for the altitude it was at, which must not have bee more than
a few hundred feet up. To this day, i have never again seen an air-plane or jet fly at night
with no blinking beacons and lights at the head, each wing tip, and tail.


Date: September 3, 2003 5:00AM
Location: Chippewa Falls
County: Chippewa

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

It was a very clear sky on this particular morning. September 3, 2003. At 5:00am, I had just sent my daughter off to college. I
stood alone in the driveway observing the stars, when I noticed a commercial jet on its way to the St. Paul/Minneapolis airport. It
was using the flight corridor of east to west. An object appeared from the West, it was a very bright white light moving faster than
the jet. It appeared to be at lower level than the jet (that was flying now in the distant west sky). It flew directly over my head with
no sound at all. It continued to move northeast. This all took place in less than a minute.

Date: September 3, 2003 5:00AM
Location: Chippewa Falls
County: Chippewa

Source: UFO Wisconsin Report - Witness requested to remain anonymous

This is similar to: September 3, 2003 sighting in Chippewa Falls, but it was during the day. I noticed a jet flying the tyipcal route to
the north. A few minutes later an object slightly higher which seemed to be traveling toward me (north east) and then took a
sharp turn to go north and "up". It just went - up. This happened within seconds. The object was too fast, too bright, and too high
to be a plane..

Date of Incident: October 18th, 2004    
Time of Incident: 8:45pm    
Location of Incident: Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County
Other Related Reports: Not Applicable

Source of Report: online sightings report form by Brian M

Details of Incident:
I was takeing a loaded feeder wagon out to the pasture about 8;45 pm and saw the object off to the east over the Cadott/Boyd
area. It appeared to sparkel red, blue, and yellowish/white. I was very interested in watching it, as I seen it other times before,
and it would move away so fast. As I watched for a half hour the object came closer over a slow period of time. I figured that I
would see it vanish like it did many other times. I waited about 15 minutes and the object was above my neighbors farm and the
light it was giving off was white and was bright enough to light up the ground below it. I would say it to have been about 7-800
feet off the ground. This was not a helicopter or aircraft, as it made very little noise. As I waited longer It hovered above my farm
for about 1 minute and it proceded tword the Lake Wissota area makeing a noise like air blowing around it. I was quite scared as
it was practically over my head. I watched it get over the Lake Wissota area, and then it vanished a million miles an hour. I have
never seen anything move so fast. My neighbor three miles up the road also saw the object, not only that night but other nights
as well. The weather conditions were clear and cool.