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Get that "sketchy" feeling?
Do you hear things that go bump in the night?  See things out of the corner of your eyes
that aren't there?  Feel cold spots or like someone is watching you?  Then contact us and
we will set up an interview!  Or just email us to share a story, or let us know of any
paranormal activity...

Worried about who will find out?
Just a quick note about privacy.  If we investigate your property, we will keep your personal
information, photos, etc... private.  Same with story sharing, we will not disclose our source
unless you agree.

Do you have question?
Check out the FAQ page.  If that doesn't do it, then e-mail us at the link below.

We want to hear from you...
Shelly Johnson (lead investigator)
(715) 61-GHOST (614-4678) (leave a message)
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