Men in Black
Brad Investigates the Marshall Building
Caryville Cemetary
Brittni finds EMF at the Devil's Punch Bowl
We rode the short bus on the Tour!!!
Caryville Schoolhouse
Where the "hellhounds" roam...
Our 1st View of Mother
Mommie Dearest...
2.7 on the EMF meter!!
Lifelike Hands...
A Face Only Mother Could Love
Investigation on...
The Mabel Tainter Theatre
Brad at Evangelical Cemetary
There be dragons here?   NOT!!!
Brittni with Keith Age of "Spooked"
The Boys hanging out in the Dells
Haunted?  Closed...  :(
CVPI Team before an investigation
Chris with the Ghostman and Demon Hunter
Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur, IL
Keith Age with Chris
Album for The Northern Center, Chippewa Falls