Chris & Shelly Wiener -- Lead investigators
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Shelly Johnson -- Co-Founder & Lead investigator

Shelly was once a skeptic, but after many experiences, now believes that the
paranormal happens in real life and not just in the movies. She still investigates
using science, surveillance, and proof to explain activity as opposed to hocus
pocus and folklore. She has been investigating the paranormal for almost 20 years,
and helped create CVPI over 8 years ago.
Chris Wiener-- Co-Founder/Consultant/Author

Chris has had many paranormal experiences which lead him into this field many
years ago. And even though he is a "believer," he requires some kind of proof
before saying something is supernatural. He has co-authored two books, made
multiple appearances on TV and radio, spoken at several conferences, and is
Western Wisconsin Representative for the American Ghost Society.
Joe Johnson-- Field Investigator
Greg Kempen-- Tech Manager

Gregory "Philo" Kempen
Born on the Fourth of July
Jack of All Trades
Mad Scientist
Lay-Z-Boy Philosopher
A Picker, A Grinner, a Lover, A Sinner
A Joker, A Smoker, A Midnight Toker
Wire-Brained Button Monkey
Kids, Pets, & Moms Love Me
Brad Sundell-- Lead Historian and Field Investigator

Brad is a treasure of useless information that has proven to be quite useful during
investigations.   While he is a skeptic about all things paranormal, he wants to find
evidence to support its existence.
Clarence Rice-- Field Investigator/Author
Macoshala Flick-- Evidence Queen
Travis Schindler--Investigator in Training
Was a skeptic until he moved into a haunted house. Ever since he began having his
own experiences with the paranormal he has become interested in finding out the
Cyndi Nielson -- EVP Specialist/ Founder Madison Area Group

I'm Cyndi. My most recent experience with the paranormal has me asking the
questions, Why do some people remain here after life? and Does it happen as often
as all the stories we hear about "This place is haunted"? I would like to find out